Happy New Year (1-2-23): New Me; New You; New View; Let’s Crush Goals; Loving Our Healthy Journey

#HappyNewYear! This year’s theme in the Fairchild home is #Crush New #Goals in 2023. Last year (2022) was a huge eye opener that showed me (and Courtney) what we could do if we put our mind to it AND KEPT OUR FOOT ON THE GAS PEDAL!

Our pivot to a #healthylifestyle has been a true #blessing that we would not have accomplished without the power and #strength of #Christ. We’ve been blessed with new friends along the way, and we can’t wait to meet more friends this year as we continue our #health #journey. This year we are focusing more on #ministry and #finances as we steadily #build our lives upon #God’s plan for us.

We want you to join us in our #adventure and we want to be able to #encourage and #inspire y’all as you’ve been an #encouragement and #inspirational driving force behind our health centered success. May God richly bless y’all in 2023!


75hard #andyfrisella #1stphorm #legionofboom #cantstopme #weightloss #motivation

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